What’s Your Excuse?

Posted: October 1, 2012 in Uncategorized


Last night at White Plains Baptist Church I had one of the most moving experiences as a Christian that I have ever had. We had already had one awesome service and with doing Awana on Sunday nights its been a little different as well. So last night Bro. Jeffery had ask Bro. Rodney and Mrs. Penny to sing for us a couple of songs in our service as we always have special singing. So the Lord lead me to do things a little different and have them sing at the end of service instead of before I preach as normal. All of our Awana kids came back in to the end of the service to close out together and then thats when things really got good. Mrs. Penny started off singing a song and did a wonderful job and as they began to sing the second song it seemed like they were struggling to get started for some reason. I thought to myself they are just trying to find the right key and will get to going just in a little bit. Needles to say I didnt  know that Bro. Rodney was trying to sing “The Lighthouse” and was struggling to start it off. As many of you know Bro. Rodney has been struggling with cancer and just this week was told his tumor was growing and was blocking his airways and needed to change his plan of action on treatments. Well they began to sing and as he sang people began to stand and with their hands raised praising Jesus. I turned around and looked back and my wife who is normally not one to  show her outward praise was standing with her hands raised high and the tears just a falling. I then looked over to see Mrs. Virginia Chronic who is one of our seniors also doing the same. Then I looked around and kids were standing with their hands raised high following the adults. I could not help but to think here is a man struggling to even breathe much less sing so whats is my excuse? As we continued the service and ended I made a commitment to God that I will never be the same and no matter what goes on or how bad things get we have no excuses and just need to praise him. Please continue to pray for Bro. Rodney and Mrs. Penny Gober that the Lord will heal in his time. 


Psalm 9:1
I will praise thee, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvellous works.



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