All He Wants Is A Relationship With You.

Posted: December 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

relationship with GodWell, let’s start from the beginning. We are God and we feel the need to create the world, so we spend six days doing this. We make the heavens and the earth and the seas. Then, we fill them with all living things from plants to animals. We even make man in our own image and give him a paradise to live in, and we even choose to dwell there in the garden with him. Now, there is one rule that we give to man. That doesn’t seem too much to ask, but man chooses to break our only rule. Man chooses his own desires over my desire and it breaks our heart. As man fills the earth, more and more of them choose to break the rules and not follow our way. We try and do miracle after miracle to get them to follow us. Even our own people Israel turn their back on us even when we fill every need and save them out of Egypt. All we want is to be united to them, and over and over again they choose their own way. So, we come up with a plan to save the relationship. We will send the one person we love the most to go and lead them even though we know this person is going to be rejected, beaten, and even crucified by them. But, it is worth it if just one of them comes back to us. We love these people so much that we will give up the most valuable thing to us if they will just accept the message and come to us.


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