What are we teaching our children?

Posted: February 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
ImageAnd we wonder why our families are like they are. 
A list of TV sit-coms about families that have been popular over the past 50 years or so.


Father Knows Best

I Love Lucy

Leave It To Beaver


The Dick Van Dyke Show

Family Affair – single father, with a butler, raising two kids

Brady Bunch – “blended family”


Happy Days which focused more on the kids than on “family”

All in the Family – highly dysfunctional family headed by Archie Bunker


The Cosby Show

Full House – 3 men raising a family together

Kate and Allie – 2 divorced women raising their kids together


Married with Children

Simpson’s (Prime time Cartoon family)


2000 til now

“Family Guy” (Prime time Cartoon family)

Two And A Half Men

Now, if you noticed – clear up through the 1980’s there was always at least a remnant of shows that shared family values we could model our homes after. But by the time we got to the 90’s it seems to have become more difficult to watch TV with our families and find something we could be comfortable enough with to call a “good role model.”


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