Are You Leaving A Legacy?

Posted: February 10, 2014 in Uncategorized


A boat skimming over the surface of a lake leaves a wake, or trail of waves, behind it. In like manner, people traveling through life leave a legacy; their influence ripples out through their relationships. Or, think of a diver plunging into a swimming pool from a platform high above the water. Regardless of how she lands, the diver will send a spray of water shooting outward as she plunges into the pool. Similarly, no matter how we live our lives, we’re bound to make a splash. No one passes through life unnoticed. How we live our lives is guaranteed to affect others. 

Although we’re certain to leave a legacy, it’s up to us whether goodness and love follows in our wake, or whether we leave a trail of heartache and pain through the way we conduct our lives. In consciously choosing to craft an inspiring legacy, we accept personal responsibility for our actions. No one leaves a good legacy without effort; we have to work in order to hand off a worthwhile heritage to our children or to our successors in leadership.

by: The John Maxwell Company


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